DEFINE Socks (n) (v)

/def- eye-nuh s-ox/

We are anti-basic’s who believe the best style is your own. Our men’s socks don’t conform, they define. DEFINE Socks are reminders to be bold, different and stand out in style. We strive to help people all over the world to ditch the plain men’s socks and finally DEFINE their style. We are for Creators, Dreamers, Learners, Givers, Triers, Supporters, Laughers, Lovers, Criers, Fighters, and Winners who are not defined by just one of those things, but a mix of all them. We are reminders that one should never be defined by just what they do but by who they are and how they impact people. Our goal is to inspire people everywhere to make an impact, and to have fun sharing and defining their style.