DEFINE Ambassador

How we DEFINE Ambassador

DEFINE Ambassadors come up with new ideas, share cool experiences on social media, and get to see what’s new in the DEFINE Universe well before the rest of the world. Ambassadors are people who live and breathes DEFINE Socks. As you grow as a member of the DEFINE family, you will have lots of influence on the future of the brand. Our Ambassadors will participate in various surveys and help determine new product lines, participate in photo and video shoots, communicate with the founders as well as the team. DEFINE’s Ambassadors are often people’s first impression of the brand, they represent wherever they go and help The DEFINE Brand grow. You will get to join athletes, performers and cultural icons in helping to shape the legacy of this brand and company.

What The DEFINE Ambassador Program is not. 

Please do not expect to get unconditional free merchandise. If all the people who wanted free DEFINE products, received free DEFINE products, we would legit have the worst business model of all time. Nobody would ever get DEFINE Socks and everyone would suffer wearing sagging white socks forever!


Sound Good? If so, follow the link below to apply.